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Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare Be warned this review will contain some spoilers for Clockwork Angel and Prince so please proceed with caution if you have not read this series and intend to. Tessa and Jem are engaged, in a battle against time and Jem's illness, while Will still loves Tessa from afar. There are signs that a new dark presence is rising, one that has ties to Mortmain and intends to wreak havoc and destory the Shadowhunters. This man needs Tessa to do this though and Tessa will need the help of not just Will and Jem, but the whole of the London Institute to help her stop this.I was pleased to see the return of the automatons, as it may be me but I can't remember them being especially present in Clockwork Prince. Clare effectively tied the main plot strings together in the trilogy and the stakes are significantly higher in the Clockwork Princess.I also really loved the letters to and from Consul Josiah Wayland and development of the Shadowhunters and Enclave themselves. This was particularly interesting when we saw how Charlotte had to stand up for herself as a woman and how ahead of her time she really was. These moments not only set the period very well, but provided a compelling subplot as Charlotte fights for her respect and place with the Shadowhunters.While dark and thrilling, the infamous Cassandra Clare sharp dialogue and witticisms are present in Clockwork Princess. I love how Clare thinks of all of her quips, but doesn't overuse them as it wouldn't fit some characters. However, Will, as expected, has some brilliant lines throughout the book.The love triangle is a important point in this book, as after all Clare needed to draw it together and reach a realistic resolution for her characters. I read a review of Clockwork Princess by one of my favourite US bloggers, Wendy Darling, and she mentioned how she felt this was how a love triangle was supposed to be treated - I've linked her goodreads review so you can see her review for yourself and see if you agree. I agree with Wendy though, none of the characters acted in a way which made you doubt them and the love triangle was very well-written and handled. All three characters are in such a difficult position; Jem is dying, Will loves Tessa but cannot betray his parabati and Tessa is realising she loves both people at the same time.While I'm not sure the epilogue personally worked for me one hundred percent, I think I'm one of a small minority who didn't cry (which is weird as I generally can cry at anything, but oddly it seems I can hold it back with most books) but I can understand why Clare ended it the way she did. I also love that the epilogue touched on the problems faced with being immortal, and it's something she's hinted at a little in the Mortal Instruments series with Magnus. Obviously, I don't want to say too much as I would not want to spoil this book at all for you.Cassandra Clare fans will undoubtedly love this final book in her Victorian trilogy. It is filled with everything that Clare fans love: the plotting, dialogue, characters and humour. It is also a more epic book than perhaps the first two in the series because it is the final book and believe me, it is one that from the first chapter holds no fire.Clockwork Princess is available to buy now. I received a free review copy for my honest review from the very lovely Hannah at Walker who made my day when it arrived!This review was originally posted at www.chooseya.com on 12/4/13: Review