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Stone Bearers - R.E. Washington I found this book much easier to get into than Burnt Children, which surprised me as I had expected it to be the other way around when I first received this book - once again, this proves first impressions can be wrong. It was an engaging MG-YA read with interesting characters and a flowing narrative style. I love that Washington starts off with the universal and realistic topic of being bullied and then goes into the more fantastical world. It was a really nice way of setting up the premise and made the book extremely easy to get into from the outset.The characters were realistic and I liked that they didn't start out friends from the outset but were pulled together and didn't always get on. I am definitely interested to find out where the next book takes us. There were a couple of confusing aspects that have already been picked up by other reviewers, however these flaws do not outweigh the novel overall.I think that this novel shows a lot of promise and while it could be tightened in places, is a decent read.