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Burnt Children - R.E. Washington I would like to start by saying that I absolutely loved the concept of this novel so I was so excited to receive it for review. I think because I had such high expectations, I found it harder to get into than I perhaps had anticipated. In the first few chapters, we are introduced to a plethora of names, concepts and a whole new world which I struggled to get my head around. On one hand, this was refreshing as in dystopian fiction I recently have become quite tired of tedious world building for the first hundred pages, that said I would liked a little smoother introduction to the world as I found it really hard to get into and at several points I abandoned the book.The book improves if you do persevere with the novel, however I must admit that I personally felt distant from the book. This may not be the author's fault but my own due to my own preconceptions of what sort of book this would be. Certainly, I would say this is more fantasy than dystopian and so if like me, you read the summary and expected a dystopian novel, be prepared to have these preconceptions challenged.If you love fantasy novels and aren't fazed by being thrown into a world straight away then this is worth checking out.